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Trisket WIP by Aryn007 Trisket WIP :iconaryn007:Aryn007 1 1 Tristan by Aryn007 Tristan :iconaryn007:Aryn007 1 0
I Am
Their eyes tell them I’m young and I’m small
I’m hardly five feet from the floor.
And I don’t fit the standard of beauty.
They don’t care to know any more.
They don’t know.
How could they know?
I am the goddess in disguise.
I am god.
I am all things great and small
I am all things terrible.
I am a creator
I am destruction
Fear me.
Love me.
You’ve seen me walking beside you
Perhaps you held open a door.
Our shoulders brushed in passing.
Now you’ll learn a little bit more.
My eyes and my lips and my nose
Are so easy to forget after all.
I am never a magazine model.
But at the end of the day, that’s your call.
But you don’t know
How could you know?
I am the goddess in disguise
I am god.
I am all things great and small.
I am all things terrible.
I am a creator
I am destruction.
Fear me.
Love me.
Inside me are the origins of the Universe.
I sing and all songs soon pour.
Love and fear, hate and joy…
Stay. Learn a little bit m
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Diary of the Vampire
Tuesday 8/31/10
10:00am- Rainy
It has come to my attention recently that being born to darkness has once more become a popular fad. It is quite fashionable to go about sporting fangs, and imitating blood lust. It is romantic to live as the immortals do and beautiful in its tragedy. A part of me is amused by the absurdity of it all, glad for the unintentional decoy. Who would notice a child of the Savage Garden now, flitting in the shadows of night, without a colorful mask and no interest in making acquaintances with mortals save for what is necessary to continue living in the modern world? In any case, they do not even seek us anymore. It is far more delicious to think that we should come to them, find them out (in broad daylight no less) and understand their soul before refusing to drink their life's blood. No one searches the cemeteries and no one questions the odd neighbor, who always seems to be absent, perhaps at work, in the daytime.
Of course, it is all very entertaining and amu
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Zutara Week: Harmony by Aryn007 Zutara Week: Harmony :iconaryn007:Aryn007 21 3


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Just another zombie free day
United States
I to draw sometimes. :)
How Do You Traveling?

I am forever looking for light switches.

In every hotel room, one is sure to find that the light switch is in a different place, or connected to the wrong lamp, or on some weird dial it simply shouldn't be. Once, the light switch for the bathroom was on the outside of the door instead of inside. I can't tell you how many times I peed in the dark because it was too much trouble to go back out and find the right switch. Or how many times I've arrived in a new hotel room at night and felt along the entire expanse of a wall, desperately trying to shed some light in a new space. This is a fairly accurate summary of what life is like on the road.

Taking in new information, actually learning something new, something our eyes have never seen before and never interpreted before takes an enormous amount of energy. It is easy to forget, ignore, or take this fact for granted when our routines lead us to the same building every day, the same cross streets, the same desks, chairs, pianos, or work spaces. But on the road, every day, we find ourselves sleeping in a new bed we haven ever seen, touched, or smelled before. We acclimate ourselves to a new community of people, a new space to set up our transient lives, a new place to work, and a new set of light switches.

When one lives the life of a gypsy, one begins to see the practicality of hoarding the good stuff: plastic forks, spoons, honey packets, tea, sugar and fruit. Usually breakfast is complimentary, so it's a good time to stock up on apples and oatmeal packets. Walmart Supercenters become a godsend. Starbucks feels like a rich, fancy luxury.When the water runs out, turn to your Brita water bottle with the filter. You don't have a Brita water bottle? Hmm, well, next time before you take a long trip, make a shopping list:

Here are some items I found helpful on the tour:

Brita Water Bottle: You can find these at Walmart. These bottles have a filter you're probably familiar with. Squeeze the scary tap water through your bottle and voila! Clean water. It doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but it is very easy to become dehydrated on the road when you are away from your normal routine and delicious water isn't always easy to come by (or is more expensive than it is worth) #Canyouputapriceonwater? #Philosophical

Backjoy: A handy, light weight device for sitting on. It corrects posture and eases up the pressure on the lower back. After the 5th hour of a long car ride on the 30th day of tour, you will be grateful for it even if you don't normally have back pain. And when you're not using it, you can leave it in the car. This is one of those take-it-or-leave it things; easy to ignore or push aside like really good walking shoes or high grade kitchen knives, but improves the quality of life in surprising and powerful ways.

Earplugs: Let's face it. We all get sick of our compadres at some point during long rides. Sometimes we just aren't in the mood for loud music, conversation and games and we just want to sleep or pretend we're frolicking freely in a field of golden wheat. Good earphones or earplugs can have a very calming effect.

Tote Bag: You're going to need a place to put all your hoarded plastic forks, spoons, and honey packets.

Yoga Mat: Not every hotel has a workout room, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't work out! Do P90X in your room if you have to! Use your mat for those foreign carpets or those gyms with hard floors.

Kindle: If you're a reader, you will be grateful for your kindle now more than ever. And don't think you need to start paying for books either just because you are away you're your library. There are many libraries that offer electronic borrowing.

Microwaveable Dinners: Eating out can be so expensive, especially if you are doing it every day. These can be a lifesaver in addition to cup o' noodles and instant rice. If you don't have a microwave in your hotel room, never fear. There is usually one in their breakfast area. If there isn't, just ask the people at the front desk. Chances are good, if the place is that ghetto, they have one of their own and are willing to share with you.

HDMI Cable: After a while a person starts to miss watching movies and television on her own terms. I purchased an HDMI cable for nine bucks and now (provided the hotel has a modern television screen), I can watch Netflix and such off my laptop and on the big screen.

Now, on the subject of packing…repeat after me: Everything can be a pellet. What is a pellet, you might ask? A pellet is a rolled article of clothing neatly bundled and tucked so that it looks like…a pellet. You've probably heard of rolling your shirts for traveling—this takes it a step further. It's pretty much awesome. Maybe I'll do a demonstration in my next blog.  

As the last week of this tour dwindles to its end, I can't help but think that somehow we have managed to fit a year's worth of living into three short months. The sheer amount of travel and experiences we have accumulated is surely supposed to take more time to collect! We are living extreme lives! Imagine the reality TV show possibilities. #money #greedy #profit

Take care, friends. Until next time,




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